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The power of feedback…..

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Encourage feedback

“Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.” – Jim Trinka and Les Wallace

As a teacher for over 12 years, working with hundreds of learners of all ages in all professions from dozens of countries, I have realized the power of self-confidence and self-worth to be invaluable to every being. One’s ability to believe in oneself and strive for your goals takes immense effort, dedication, and motivation.

The great gift….. A teacher can offer the great gift of expression to her learners explicitly and implicitly, giving them the ultimate power of courage. This can be achieved by the mighty exercise of ‘Feedback’- packed with encouragement. Feedback not only allows the learner to stand up in front of everyone, articulate their words, voice their thoughts, and finally broadcast to the class, while still maintaining the dignity of all present in that room lends a magnificent charm to the whole class. The positivity the learners feel whenever a teacher makes them practice their right to feedback is incredible.

A diligent manner….. It goes naturally that the teacher needs to do it gracefully without being ‘Miss Excessive Sunshine’ or being unpleasant. This single activity has the power to make each learner in the class feel emotionally grounded while building a skill that they treasure for the life to come.

The importance of each individual….. A teacher must know each student in that room for that time is equally important to the delivery of the lesson. Each learner is capable to be resilient, empathetic, resourceful, and a winner. The feedback of every learner is essential. A teacher receives an incredible opportunity to learn the perspectives of the learners with varying levels of understanding.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

Over the span of 12 years, in each lesson, I’ve always asked my learners to give honest feedback, not a peachy one. The initial shyness quickly flies, as it precisely takes them seconds to breathe the sincerity of the teacher. They can feel a tangible connection with the person standing in the class, having the capacity to teach them new things, while at the same time a person who is helping them become stronger psychologically, socially, and personally. I bear testimony to the paramount force of this exercise.

This is a great learning opportunity.

Feedback makes the teacher more dextrous, more skillful and qualifies her with the mastery to receive and learn from opinion and critique. It’s quintessentially so productive that I cannot elucidate enough on its efficiency.

Constantly seeking constructive and favorable acknowledgments retards a teacher’s intellectual growth, in addition, it makes the learners magniloquent -which isn’t the quality of leaders or winners one seeks. This regular editorial practice of a teacher who takes it so constructively like a winner, prones the learner implicitly to be prepared for the real world of critique, examination, editorials, and viewpoints. In other words, it is the building of the strength of character of each individual in that room. They learn to find solutions, they learn to be better, they learn to survive and live and love life through all that life has to offer on their plates.

They start to feel good about themselves and appreciate the time others invest in their critique. That’s a dynamic win. ISN’T IT? They listen, they absorb, they build better buildings every time. They wait for the fabulous opportunity to be offered to them every day. Because they embrace this idea of openness and acceptance as a norm. An all-powerful potion, FEEDBACK — in right doses, at the right times along with the remedy. It’s entirely up to the teacher to ignite the fire in them and witness bliss. As Ed Batista said “We can’t just sit back and wait for feedback to be offered, particularly when we’re in a leadership role. If we want feedback to take root in the culture, we need to explicitly ask for it.”

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