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Roaming The Wild | Land Mammals Edition




Ihana Tiimi Publishing

Ihana Tiimi is an independent children’s book publisher.

The company’s tenet is  'Inspire Insightful Learning in Children’, such that children are enamoured of the art of learning and exploring beyond. Hence, we create substantial, fact-based learning for all children to help them achieve their greatest potential and become wise leaders of the future. At its core, a good book is about learning well. We create an extraordinary learning experience with thoughtful design to create distinctive solutions for children and children with learning difficulties of various spectrums as part of the alternative treatments to develop skills in thinking and reasoning giving them sheer happiness and confidence.

Founded in 2019 by Atul Kashyap and Tina Mittal Kashyap, our books are created with authority, clarity and unswerving attention to detail that define memorable learning and help all learners develop strong identities. An extension of their entitlement as parents which is their greatest privilege is integrated with the joy they share each morning coming to the table to create unrivalled content for all children.

The communication, art, design, colours, typography and the personality of the book is strategically kept informative and fun throughout.

The company’s aim is to create and produce high-quality,  engaging, innovative, market-leading books that offer insight, and help children be informed and adventurous.

Our books are for all growing children who are full of extraordinary curiosities. They want to ask questions, explore new ideas, things that they see, want to take charge of the situation; so many amazing things they want to do which surprise us each time.

Our books provide adventure in learning to those shiny, curious minds. The child-parent team get immense confidence that provides strength of character, celebration, happiness and ensures positive value-added learning. All children understand intuitively and develop correlations while their creative, cognitive and linguistic capabilities flourish.


Adults have faith in our books that these will not only be loved by their children, but our books will inspire them to be courageous and adventurous in learning -  that their children will gain confidence and curiosity to learn beyond. Grandparents tell us they want to pass down our books through generations in their families.

We’re working, designing and creating extraordinary books for children. We’re glad to have you with us on this splendid journey.

The Ihana Tiimi People

We love knowledge and facts: that’s why we design and write all Ihana Tiimi books ourselves. It takes us a lot of time to accomplish each book combined with research and development; we think it’s all worth it, because it ensures the content that goes into making each book delivers an unrivalled learning treasure for children. Our small, nimble team always respects the ways of children, and their cerebral capabilities. We understand the power of books and the ways they can help us carve the ways of life.

Our books are designed for the curious little minds of young children. Each product is made with a lot of care and love; along with the quality, accuracy and the tiniest details; books that communicate with children, designs that make their little big eyes shine and illustrations that are interesting and powerful -  making our books irresistible and everyone’s favourite.

Where to find our books

We are new and growing, but we know the value and charm of being able to find relevant books everywhere. So, our books are travelling to each bookstore, shops, museums, supermarkets, schools, department stores, baby shops, and anywhere that you can shop for children.

Our books are available online on independent selling platforms like Lazada and Shopee. Independent sellers like Borders Books, Twigs also have our books both on their online stores and in their local stores.


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