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The emotional connection of the brand matters today, more than ever.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

With the current global pandemic bringing unprecedented disruptions, it is appropriate that brands transform their campaigns into humane communications with hope, strength and empathy and establish a connection beyond products and services. The way we do business, and how we’ll move forward has changed for a long term. Today, it is about the frame of the customer's mind in terms of our 'shared reality' . Brands need to ask themselves about their relevance to their customers in these trying times. And then express the brand's message after assuring that the customers need to hear what you are saying. It means the adaptation of brand messaging for being relevant today; that also involves the relevance of your product or the service you are offering.

Creating Substantial Opportunities with your Customers with Strong and Relatable Values

The Tone and the Message

A compassionate and unadulterated tone; a relevant and focussed message should be your mantra. The personality of the brand is reflected by the tone and message. The tone that you put out today will create lasting impressions on people. These communications will play a key role in how you build your brand presence in your customers' minds. A carefully crafted strategy built around authentic formidable attributes will help your brand embrace the current changes and lay a neat floor for the future predicaments

Form Meaningful Long-Term Connections

We believe that as brands evolve, they should create meaningful connections with consumers, access their capabilities in crisis beyond their products and services. You should gauge the functional and emotional decisions that should align the benefit with your customers, stakeholders and the team.

Start with Your Brand Values

If you haven't thought of your brand's values and proactive strategies, now is the perfect time to think through the strong foundation you want your brand to have during such unprecedented times or any crisis. These values provide your brand, team and the executives a formidable structure to lead from when crisis dawn. Emphasise deep respect for your brand's values beyond crisis communication.

The Power of a Well-Defined, Formidable POV

Empower your Employees and Align with your Customers

An integral marketing collateral is the connection with your customers by developing a point of view. An organisation that shares its perspectives and beliefs with its employees and customers is able to create a framework for broader conversation. Let your customers know how much you care for the organisational responsibility towards your employees, and your social responsibility by going beyond business and sharing with them how you do what you do.

It goes without saying, your customers want to know. As we all travel over the ongoing adversary, let people know how you are responding to the challenges, and what it means to them as customers - because that's what they want to know today. Assure them of your current positioning to adapt to the crisis, your company flexibility, how you are engaging with your team (wherever they are) and the stand of the ownership. Now, is an opportunity to authenticate the best your brand stands for and deepen the affinity your brand share with your customers. Now is the time to be generous and considerate.

Tina Mittal Kashyap Co-Founder: Ihana Tiimi

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