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At Ihana Tiimi, we’re committed to building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients. To achieve that we make sure, our communication channels are absolutely straightforward.

Terms & Conditions


A. Prior to the commencement of a project, a written valuation for the final cost of the completed project will be sent to the client for their approval. The written valuation contains a definition and description of the dimensions of the project and the services to be provided by        Ihana Tiimi. It will be accompanied by an additional symbiotic document that provides a detailed description of the services to be delivered.

B. If extra work is required which is outside the scope of the originally agreed-upon valuation, that extra work is either supplied with a new valuation or is billed at the base hourly rate. Consultation & renegotiation may be done to reach a mutually agreed valuation.

We never start a project without the pinpoint approval of the client.



The agreement commences on the ‘Effective Date’ and expires on the last day of the agreement between Ihana Tiimi and the client, even if the client retains Ihana Tiimi from time to time.

To perform the development work Ihana Tiimi may require access to the client’s ‘ File Transfer Protocol’.

Ihana Tiimi's base hourly rate is $100 per hour.  Ihana Tiimi's rush rate is $135 per hour for new projects with less than 48 hours of notice. We shall supply a new quote for any changes to the brief or for revised or additional work.

The client will pay Ihana Tiimi 50% for the commencement of the project within 15 days of the emailed invoice. the remaining balance will be paid upon the project on the referred date.

Either party shall bear the right to terminate the contract by giving at least 30 days' written notice prior to the termination.

If the project has been initiated, approved and the work has begun like discussions, designing, concepts, drawings, animations, layouts, locations, etc., then 50% payment of the written valuation will be required to pay.

If an hourly project needs to be terminated, then the time spent on the work development will be calculated at the base hourly rate.

All agreements are made directly with Ihana Tiimi and none of its employees, management, or owners have anything to do with the same.





Any creative project requires the integration of high-quality design, refinement, content, structure, and continuous development. If in case of any objection to the quality of the final product, Ihana Tiimi will work considerately with the client to work to correct the issues swiftly and at no extra cost given that it falls within the original scope of the project.

We do our best to work amicably with our clients to flag, review and monitor any errors that may appear in the work development process. We expect ample time to be given so the review procedure may be efficacious and constructive. The ownership and approval of the final product including the errors rest with our clients.

Stakeholders should request any adjustments beforehand, discussing with their team, and after viewing on a PC or a full-size monitor, not a mobile phone. Any additional revisions, after the final approval, will be charged at the base hourly rate or a new valuation will be provided based on the number of adjustments.




Ihana Tiimi agrees to preserve & protect the confidentiality of the proprietary information received from its clients in all physical or digital forms, whether provided to Ihana Tiimi before or after the Final Agreement is signed.

Ihana Tiimi may not disclose the Proprietary Information of its clients to any Third Party and may not use it for their own benefit.

Ihana Tiimi reserves the right to use the client’s products, company collateral to use in the work development of the Final Agreement.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement before the commencement of any project at the time of the Final Agreement.



Artwork includes illustrations, codes, music, graphics, still images, photographs, technical drawings, text, and content. All artwork produced for a certain project for the benefit of the project at the request of the client for a separate fee will be delivered.

Ihana Tiimi agrees to the artwork that is fully paid for, the client to be the author of the Artwork, and yielding the right to edit for appropriate use.

Ihana Tiimi will take competent care to ensure the Artwork does not disobey any copyright, or proprietary right to ensure the righteousness of the Artwork produced.




Ihana Tiimi acknowledges, agrees, and licenses its client's full Intellectual Property Rights for the services and work that are fully paid for.

After the final payment, the client can publish, republish, distribute, make enhancements, modifications, make derivatives, adapt, the work in any form, art, or medium, transfer the rights to any party. It will solely be the product of the client.

Ihana Tiimi, nevertheless, with the written approval of the client, retains the right to republish the work for portfolio purposes, in any form or medium without any royalty fee or price.



      Ihana Tiimi will not be treated as an employee by the client for any purpose, whatsoever.

  1. No modification to the Final Agreement is binding unless provided in writing and signed by both parties.

  2. Ihana Tiimi will do its best to meet timely services negotiated in advance for a stated timeline will be delivered to the best of our capabilities. However, kindly allow adequate time for the desired completion of the project to guarantee the quality of work assured, and respect for any unforeseen circumstances.


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