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Learning a new language has never been easier.

Learn one-on-one with a qualified ihana lingua instructor, wherever you are. We customize courses to enable you to learn from highly relevant content that is directly applicable to your daily tasks and responsibilities, with custom vocabulary, real life discussions and relevant realistic role plays.


Delivered live online via video call, private classes or at a centre our courses give you the freedom to make your own schedule and customize your lessons based on your goals and interests. It's the ideal option if you need to reach fluency fast. Customized learning plans make learning faster and easier.


Choose a course that best suits your needs

Choose a course

Private Language Class

  • Live one-to-one sessions or in-person sessions with an ihana lingua instructor.

  • Customizable learning schedule and lessons.

  • Self-paced or result-oriented course helps you learn and achieve result in the timeline set up by you and your instructor.

  • You can choose either online or in-person session.


Group Language Class

  • Live sessions or in-person sessions with a small group led by an  ihana lingua instructor.

  • Affordable and effective learning with  peers.

  • Structured plans and schedules.

  • You can choose either online or in-person session.


Learning languages with ihana lingua.

At Ihana Lingua, we believe in creating a long lasting passion for learning. Whether you want to travel the world, communicate with friends and family or advance in your career, learning a new language allows you to experience a sense of achievement that comes with challenging yourself. By attaining greater depth and breadth of the language, you gain the confidence to apply their education in real life situations.

We understand how fulfilling it is to hold your first conversation in your new language. Our method allows you to be engaged with your language from the very first day. The conceptual knowledge and its application in real situations reinforced with the core concepts engenders self-assurance in you. Our lessons are characteristically designed to be interactive and fun-filled for a long lasting learning experience. Explore an unrivalled teaching methodology that supports your precise needs. We provide you constant support to help you improve your confidence and fluency in your new language.

By learning with ihana lingua, you have access to:

  • Flexible learning schedules

  • Small personalised group learning.

  • One-on-one learning with a native tutor.

  • Constant support from your instructors.

Benefits of ihana lingua online classes?

Live Lessons with an Instructor

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All of our online courses are, instructor-led lessons. Our core of immersive method is featured in all our  lessons. That is focus on speaking the language. Our lessons provide immense opportunity to speak your new language.

Student Support

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All ihana lingua instructors are dedicated to helping and guiding our learners all throughout to achieve their language goals. They guide them , inspire them, keep them motivated to progress through the levels.

Customized and Flexible Lessons

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We offer distinct options for learning a language online. Each option helps each learner to learn on his own price, speed and lcourse structure. So, you can choose the best way to learn based on your needs.

Assessment and Improvement

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 Our instructors assess your level of communicative competence. 
Instead of a traditional academic language test that emphasizes on skills like grammar and reading levels, ihana lingua takes a structured oral interview in which you are assessed on verbal skills and capabilities to help you gain real life experiences in the nearest possible manner.

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