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The A to Z Land Mammals Puzzle Cards

  • Tina Mittal Kashyap is a writer at Ihana Tiimi Publishing. She turned to writing children’s books in 2018. She graduated form MCM College, Chandigarh with a Bachelor in English Honors. She taught for over twelve years at language schools teaching children and adults of all ages -  which gave her an elaborate experience with learners from across the globe, she admits every learner must be nourished with the habit of realistic reading, reading and more reading. She has written and edited the I See™ Series.

    A dedicated believer in fact-based learning, she has eternal faith that the spirit of life-long learning is the best gift we can give to our children.

  • Ages: 4 years and above

    Contents: 44 Die-cut Shape

    Number of Shapes: 44 shapes

    Height: Maximum height

    Width: Maximum width

    Weight: Maximum Weight

    Publication City/ Country: Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

    Language: English


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