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• Part of the - I See® series

• Part of the - I See 44 Shapes Programme


The world's first books that introduce 44 shapes to young learners with boisterous illustrations, language and learning elements - reading writing, phonetics, tracing shapes, numerals, and colouring shapes, the books are designed to invite little readers to explore and fall in love with the world of shapes in an entirely new way.



Straightforward, and engaging, I See 44 Shapes- Foundation Book and Let's Practise - I See 44 Shapes habituate children, parents and teachers alike with the vocabulary and mindset they need to adopt with a hands-on approach.

  • Lay a great foundation with the Foundation Book and give a formidable reinforcement with the Practise Book - an absolute treat for the cognitive abilities of young learners.

  • Give your little stars an experience that is rich, engaging, fun and extremely positive.

  • A concept unlike any other that offers young learners an incredible opportunity in a dynamic way to energise their understanding of some fundamental and essential concepts.

  • An amazing journey with 44 shapes that are all-around a young child to help translate and abstract shape into tangible knowledge.

  • Dynamic, bright, exciting features on each page make learning shapes a whole new and engaging experience.

    Exquisite design and fact-based fun learning make these shape books an essential possession for hands-on learning.

  • Bright, vivid illustrations, one bold colour, and bite-sized facts in just the right amount engage children at multiple levels; creating stories of adorable animals engaged in hilarious activities, and learning animal names - all at the tip of tiny, little fingers.

  • The pagAn absolyte es are designed to encourage children to engage with the shapes in an interactive way.

  • Young learners have an irresistible opportunity to connect with the world around them.

  • Surprise exercises resonate with adults and children alike


‘I See 44 Shapes' presents a great introduction to multiple concepts by focussing on shapes, colour, language skills, surprise exercises, science facts, numbers and other basic concepts to lay a strong foundation of shapes. 

• With a simple approach, these books stimulates the desire to learn more and accurately. Along with the foundation book, these books provide multiple perspectives on a particular shape




  • A unique colour

  • A proud shape

  • The information about the shape

  • Page Number in numerals and words

  • 3 adorable illustrations for each shape that engage children in a wholesome way.

  • Interesting vocabulary to motivate children




  • A unique colour

  • A proud shape

  • 4-5 new words formed into a sentence or a question

  • Fill in the spellings with the help of vowel friends

  • And a vibrant, relevant illustration that is full of artful, playful concepts to generate meaningful discussions with young learners.

  • A playful arrangement of spreads to allow children to find the shapes page number before practising sets the fun elements.


These books are a perfect mix of visual delight, learning, fun, tricky questions, new vocabulary, and delightful explorations for young minds in exemplary measures to provide parents and grandparents, teachers, children, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends, and educators great educational and fun value.





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