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Small Business

Accounting Services

We take care of your numbers

We understand business responsibility. It takes time to harmonize your product, team, permits and so on at a start-up.

At IhanaTiimi we offer comprehensive help for small businesses to help you build your value by integrating your people, systems and numbers. Thus, we help you streamline your business. Our certified bookkeepers with quality experience provide professional accounting solutions on bookkeeping, 

tax preparation and other accounting parameters. We help you to strengthen transparency in your start-up ecosystem to help you work smarter and grow your business. 

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and accounting insights help you make instrumental decisions for the growth of your business. We take care of your data entries, business assets, liabilities, income & expenses, reconciliations, reporting and records on a monthly basis to save you the quagmire by entrusting our certified accountants to take care of your numbers.


Daily Records : Sales | Purchases | Expenses

Correct, up-to-date , comprehensive daily recording of financial transactions of the business are key to a transparent ecosystem that help in ‘quality control’ and accuracy which are vital for any business establishment.


Cash Book Maintenance

Chronologically recording daily transactions help in immaculate fund management. We effectuate this  process of act verification to provide a strong guard against manipulation and vandalism by serving as documentary evidence of transactions.


Bank Reconciliation

These statements help identify differences and discrepancies between bank balance and book balance periodically. We ensure definitive BRs to  ensures intelligible working of your business.


Liaise with Auditors, Tax Agents, Company Secretary

We help your business liaise with auditors to assess the accuracy  of the financial information of the internal controls over financial reporting. When required to liaise with the tax officers, and company secretary our certified professionals ensure efficient and complete coordination for the mannerly working of your business.


Trial Balance

This self check to equalize debits and credits helps to root out any mathematical errors in the accounting system. We provide conclusive arithmetical accuracy of accounts to make the functioning of your business more smooth.


Profit & Loss Statement

A P&L statement is a strong instrument that helps to understand the business’s net performance. We prepare sharp P&Ls to help you gather valuable insight to make decisions and forecast future performance of your business.


Balance Sheet

A balance sheet provides a snapshot of your business’s assets, liabilities, and owners equity. Being the most important financial statement used to illustrate the financial health of a business, our certified accountants prepare them with  acute precision.  


Financial Report

Apart from being a legal requirement in most countries, financial reporting and analysis is a bedrock. Our accountants leverage metrics and insights to create proficient financial reports that allow your business to flow and boost it’s productivity.


“It is an excellent accounting firm to work with. They provide great customer service and are very professional. They managed to settle my company's accounts in a short period of time with full commitment. Sure will work together in future and recommend to my business mates.” 


—  Karan, Red Mart (Mini Mart), Kuala Lumpur

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